Want to attend a horse show? We can help you out!  The Stables at Le Bocage hosts and attends various schooling shows throughout the year to provide an experience that will be valuable for every amateur rider of all levels.  Intermediate and advanced riders have the option to travel with Le Bocage's trainers to rated shows throughout the region.  If you do not own a horse, Le Bocage provides the opportunity to lease select horses to insure every rider gets a chance to experience the excitement of showing in a competitive environment.  Please note:  A Show Letter of Engagement must be signed when signing up to attend a show.  See your trainer or call the office to obtain your copy.


Full Care

This fee is for the trainer to school the horse and prepare the rider for their classes. Additional ride fees will apply if horse is not in training with The Stables at Le Bocage.  Charges include lunging, wrapping before show, tacking and un-tacking at the horse show, wrapping and putting way at home after the show. Cost:  $50.00 Per Schooling Ride; $50.00 Per Training Ride

Charges cover arranging the transportation to and from the shows, filling out entries and office close-out, packing and unpacking, tack room set-up and tear down, as well as supplying all required equipment. Trailer supervision (including making sure the horses are safe and have food and water) at the one-day shows and feeding and mucking at the multi-day shows. This fee is effective the day the horse departs for the horse show through the day the horse returns. Cost: $55.00 Per Day (Included in Lease Charges Per Show Day).  Shavings: The price per bag varies by the going rate at the time of purchase. Please note that some shows require shavings to be purchased from the show at their cost.)

Horse Lease + Care


Don't own a horse yet? Our professional trainers and instructors can help you select one of our trained horses to fit your abilities and show off your skills. Cost: $75.00 Per Show Day

Our professional show grooms can get your horse show ready with a polished and professional appearances the judges will appreciate.


If braiding is needed, you pay a braider at the show.



Full Body Clip - $150.00


Show Trim (Ears, Face, Feet) - $25.00


Mane Pull - $15.00


Show Related Expenses

Horse show-related expenses are divided by the number of horses. These expenses include supplies, feed, tack and grooming stalls, horse laundry, etc. Expenses incurred by the trainer and groom(s) are divided by the number of horses. These expenses include trainer's and groom(s) hotel or RV spot, food, etc.  Injectables and medicines for your horse must be USEF and USHJA approved and are charged as needed. Costs will vary.

Horse Transportation

We can transport your horse to the show.  Le Bocage horses are required to travel with the grooms and trainers. Cost:  $.95 Per Mile Round-Trip or One-Way


HORSE SHOW DEPOSIT REQUIRED PRIOR TO LEAVING FOR SHOW:  A blank check made payable to The Stables at Le Bocage or a signed Credit Card Authorization is obtained prior to entries being turned in to a show.  Checks and credit card charges are completed within one week after the show, and a copy of the check or credit card receipt are provided to the customer with a detailed invoice of show charges and expenses.




Under Louisiana Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities pursuant to R.S. 9:2795.3.



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