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Monthly Training


Daily Training Rides

$50.00 each

Horse Gym and Centurion Therapy

$20.00 initial/ $10.00 each session thereafter

Horse Walker

$20.00 initial/ $10.00 each session thereafter


$150.00 four to six weeks with monthly training; $550.00 four to six weeks training


Saralee Nottingham is an exceptionally talented and dedicated trainer, specializing in Equitation, Hunters and Jumpers. She tailors her approach to each horse and rider, allowing them to develop at their own pace. Saralee likes training horses, children and adults to be successful together.


Saralee has a well rounded background, training with Mary Anne Bradley and Fritz Steiken in her early years. Her strong roots in equitation have allowed her to develop numerous top riders, many who have gone on to become nationally ranked. Her coaching talents, work ethic, keen organizational skills and desire to be the best are all passed on to her students.


 In addition, her 30 years of experience includes training, breeding, foaling, lay-ups, and starting young horses. With the arrival of Saralee to our teaching staff, Le Bocage is accepting new students at all levels.



Andrea Matesick is a very talented and dedicated ‘up and coming’ professional rider.  As a teenager Andrea grew up Three Day Eventing.  At the age of 14 she was competing at the 1* level and made the move up to the 2* level at 16. For over five years she was a working student for International Three Day Event Rider, Kristi Nunnink.


After graduating from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, riding took a back seat for a few years while she focused on flying the F-15E for the United States Air Force.  Once her Air Force flying career slowed down, Andrea made her way back to the tack and started competing in National Three Day Events for the USAF aboard her OTTB, Jet.


As a long-time admirer of Show Jumping, Andrea made the switch from Three Day Eventing to the Hunter/Jumper world in 2014.  She focuses mainly on the jumpers and with a strong background in dressage she tailors her approach for each horse individually focusing on ridability.  She allows horses to develop at their own pace and she thinks placing a strong emphasis on the flatwork is key.  She believes that bringing a horse up slowly and correctly with a great foundation will allow them to realize their full potential in whatever discipline they excel in.


Always striving to improve her skills, Andrea continues to take dressage lessons from FEI instructor Suzanne May, works with Show Jumping Clinicians as much as possible, and lessons with head instructor Saralee Nottingham on a weekly basis.




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